Brass Monkey Swim at Sandford Park, Cheltenham – 8th January


This is a great event for all of you crazy people out there!  A tough sporting challenge at Sandford Parks Lido only for the most hardy of swimmers.

This is a swimming race over two distances 500m (10 lengths) and 1km (20 lengths).  The water of the main pool will be filtered, circulated and chemically dosed but the temperature will be extremely cold.  It is mandatory that all competitors must wear a winter wetsuit and silicon hat for this event with boots and gloves a suggested addition.

It is recommended that only seasoned experienced winter swimmers who are acclimatised to swimming in very cold water take part.  The event will be cancelled if the pool is iced over and entry fees refunded.

The event is run for the benefit of Sandford Lido Ltd (charity 1052203).

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